Joghurt, yogurt or yoghurt – the form of this fermented milk product known to all cultures is as varied as the way it is spelled.
The design of process plants depends on the products desired. One differs between drinking and stirred yoghurt, as well as set yoghurt. The plants are designed so that different products can be produced with the same process line.

Die MHG offers you:

  • Process plants for yogurt production
  • Planning and execution of product-specific plants with
    • fully automatic recipe control
    • volumetrically or gravimetrically fed mixing tanks
    • dynamic mixers for liquid phases and with dry matter feeder
    • special milk for pasteurisers
    • degassers
    • homogenisers
    • separately activatable hotholder?
    • automatic culture feeders, also for direct starters
    • Dosingstations for stabilisers
    • Aging tank storage placed under sterile air
    • cooling lines
    • cold storage tanks
    • dynamic fruit mixing plants
    • whipping and foaming equipment
    • simultaneous filler supply of several machines