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Milk Collection and Milk Supply

The tank truck empties into the receptacle at the receipt station. The liquid received is then pumped by the receptacle, which is simultaneously used for degassing, to the storage tanks, via a cooler if required.

Tanks and Containers

Storage tanks, also known as stacking tanks, are used to store raw, intermediate and finished products. One differentiates between various designs, such as standing, lying, single- or multi-level tanks.

Heating and Cooling Plants

In order to achieve sufficient storage life of food while retaining the quality of the products as much as possible, they are subjected to a heat treatment.
This is termed either thermisation, pasteurisation, heating or ultra heating, depending on the temperature applied.

Mixing Plants

Mixing Plants

If two or more components are to be mixed into a homogenous blend such as cream and fruit preparation in cream curd or fruit yoghurt, mixing plants have to be used.