Heating and Cooling Plants

In order to achieve sufficient storage life of food while retaining the quality of the products as much as possible, they are subjected to a heat treatment.
This is termed either thermisation, pasteurisation, heating or ultra heating, depending on the temperature applied.

In these procedures the product is quickly heated to the required temperature by plate, scrape surface or tubular heat exchangers, kept at this temperature if required, and then quickly cooled to storage temperature.

MHG offers you:

  • Planning and execution of plants for thermisation and short-time heating, heating and ultra heating of the most diverse products, such as spritzers, concentrates, milk, cream, special milk, yogurt milk, tank milk and whey
  • Equipment of plants with additional components as required, such as separators for skimming and sterilisation, homogenisers, automatic fat standardisations, activatable hot holders and degassers.
  • Experience with plants realised so far, having capacities of up to 60,000 l/h
  • Plants manufactured according to MVO