Heat Recovery

Intermediate storage of thermal energy in a so-called “thermal buffer silo” contributes to the reduction of energy costs and toward environmental engineering. This procedure lends itself to all recuperative or coupled processes in which comparable amounts of energy are emitted and required in alternating intervals.
For instance, in cheese dairies the cheese making milk is heated by 30 K, according to product specification, and at an interval, a comparable amount of whey is cooled by 30 K. By using the thermal buffer silo, the whey now heats the milk – and cools off less in the process. The intervals of energy requirements is buffered in a layered storage tank.

MHG offers you:

  • Checking and analysis of the individual energy balances
  • Identification of energy-saving potential
  • Planning and execution of thermal buffer silo plants
  • Thermal buffer siloplants can also be installed later
  • Planning and execution of plants for water heating by means of NH3 deheating, and thus relief of the NH3 condensation
  • Planning and execution of plants for waste heat utilisation via power-heat-coupling