Cream and Curd Cheese

Whether you call it cream cheese, curd cheese or white cheese, this diverse product is on everyone’s lips. There is hardly a flavour that would not fit to curd and cream cheese. Whether sweet of savoury, whether baker or star chef, cream cheese satisfies in all its variations.Curd and cream cheese comes in all fat contents, thus it lends itself both to the figure-conscious and gourmets.Manufacture of the product is as varied as the product itself. The processes, used depending on amount to be produced, degree of mechanisation and specific product requirements, range from handcraft sack scooping to the curd finisher to various ultra-filtration processes and curd and cream cheese separators.

MHG offers you:

Planning and execution of product-specific plants for

  • low-fat curd cheese
  • high-fat curd cheese
  • cream cheese

Batch plants for curd and cream cheese production for

  • cream
  • fruits
  • herbs
  • spices
  • liquid sugar