Cheese and Whey

fresh curd cheese

Cream and Curd Cheese

Whether you call it cream cheese, curd cheese or white cheese, this diverse product is on everyone’s lips. There is hardly a flavour that would not fit to curd and cream cheese. Whether sweet of savoury, whether baker or star chef, cream cheese satisfies in all its variations.

Soft Cheese

Our customers know how good cheese is made. We know what cheese production requires:
efficient and reliable process components from A to Z.

Cut and Hard Cheese

Pasta Filata and Mozarella

Whey Processing

Whey is a valuable by-product created when manufacturing cheese. Sweet whey is obtained when producing soft, cut or hard cheese, sour whey is obtained when producing cottage cheese or curd cheese.

Cultures Preparation

Bacteria cultures are used to produce lactic milk products and in cheese production. These cultures are added to the product, and grow under defined temperature and time conditions until fermentation has achieved the desired product properties such as pH-value, consistency and flavour.